Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from ICB&B services?

  • Small & medium size companies considering to Internationalize their business.

  • Medium size companies that experience issues in Internationalizing.

  • Bigger companies and corporations that want to devolop a true International culture.

  • Executives that need to improve their International stature.

  • Companies that need to improve the productivity of their International Teams.

  • Any business that needs to improve its International Social Competencies.

How does ICB&B work?

  • Each client, using the method provided and under the supervision of ICB&B, develops his own Internationalization project involving its executives, project leaders, employees and teams.
  • Each Internationlization project is tailored to the specific needs and desires of the  companies and its employees.
  • ICB&B is not a temporary management company. ICB&B will accompany the client and its personnel during the execution of the project ensuring that results defined are precisely met or exceeded.    
  • By running the project each client reaches the goals defined by its plan of action and develops the capabilities to become autonomous in pursuing a successful Internationalization of its business. 

Why Internationlizing my business?

  • International companies are more resilient to market downturns.
  • International companies are more competitive.
  • Export improves companies quantitative and qualitative structural indicators with stronger cash, better productivity and working capital.
  • By Internationalizing companies have access to new customers, new ideas and state of the art tools.
  • Internationalizing means mitigating enterprise risks.
  • ‘’If we not Internationalize our business, competitive companies will sooner or later dominate our own local market’’.

What does Internationalization mean for companies?

  • Triggering a continuous growth process that uses and trains corporate potential.

  • Having an augmented and adaptive view of the world that allows companies to react faster to market changes.

  • Offering to customers and employees new and unique perspectives.

  • Increasing chances of success and resilience by using the opportunities offered by global markets.

  • Becoming truely autonomous.

How do I engage with ICB&B?

  • By sending a message to​

  • Within 48 hours one of our representatives will get in contact wiht you to assess our mutual interest in working together.

  • Once we are clear to go, ICB&B will proceed to a free of charge check up visit focusing on the areas of interest and formulating an offer.

How is ICB&B rewarded?

  • Depending on the scope and duration of the project ICB&B will tailor an offer.
  • Once the offer is accepted both parties will sign a contract defining the scope of the project, the rules, terms & conditions of the engagement.
  • Travelling, lodging and any additional expense borned during thr execution of the project is backcharged to the client.

Why investing in the International social competencies of executives and teams?

  • In any team meeting, negotiation, acquisition, or integration of companies we deal with our cultural gaps.

  • Understanding cultural differencies and being able to adapt the way we communicate is the foundation of any successful International business.

  • When companies run an International business national borders disappear, cultural gaps open and the scope for misunderstandings and conflicts widens.

  • Every day we are hearing stories about arrogant foreign bosses making unreasonable demands; counterparts who seam to take a real plaseure in being obstructive or devious; audiences who unexpectedly react to a proposal with hostility and agression. It is time to do something about it.

Which is the method used by ICB&B?

  • Most of the companies have the potential to Internationalize but experience problems in action or are hesitant to Internationalize  because they miss a method and experience.
  • The method used by ICB&B is both procedural and relational. The client and ICB&B create an operative and generative partnership that allows the client to chose autonomously the smart goals and execute robustly designed International plans of actions.
  • ICB&B does not mentor companies nor supply ready to use prescriptions for Internationailzation. Every company and business is on a tailored plan of action using his own potential and resources.

Still have questions?