Enabling the International Growth of Companies

International Business Coaching & Consulting Focus Areas 


Developing and Managing the Internationalization Process

  • Defining a proprietary
  • Managing it as a process

Coaching International executives and Teams

  • Organizational Evolutions
  • Functional Integration and Alignment
  • International Executive Leadership

Leveraging Cultural Diversity

  • Anticipating and understanding cultural differences in business
  • Comunicating and preseting internationally
  • International complex negotiations


As globalization gathers momentum we coach companies in evolving to true international enterprises.


An International Corporate Executive network that helps companies developing people and processes to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the global markets.


  1. We value our customers, our most important asset.
  2. We have the ambition to exceed the highest standards in everything we do.
  3. We practice Ethics and Integrity (no tolerance policy).
  4. We believe in the uniqueness of our customers and their businesses.

‘’Thing globally act locally’’


How to win becoming a resilient International company

How to win becoming a resilient International company

Most of the companies have inside the potential commercial capabilities required to overcome the challenges of the Internationalization. ICB&B’s mission is to provide an actionable method to bring them out, and proactively use them taking advantage of the...

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