International Executives, Teams and Organizations

“‘People grow companies to become International”

Developing People & Teams

International Executive Leadership Coaching
Maximizing International Teams’ Productivity
Social abilities

International Executive Leadership Coaching

Developing cultural self awareness
Cultivating Emotional Intellingence
Making our leadership resonant
Sustaining our leadership

International Teams Productivity

Empowering Team Leadership
Developing teams’ Emotional Intelligence
Managing team members’ cultural differences
Communicating the Party Line across the organization
Measuring and monitoring teams’ productivity

Developing Social Abilities

Active Listening
Anticipating, recognizing and satisfying needs
Leveraging diversity
Understanding the social and political frame
Effective comunication and the arts of influence
Managing conflicts
Catalyzing change

Developing Cultural Self-Awareness

How do I communicate?
Which are my values?
Are relationships important?
Values influencing my communication style
How can I improve?

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom’’

– Aristotele

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